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Discover how Packmind helps you be a better software corp.

Co-define and spread your best coding practices

Identify and create coding practices

With Packmind, easily identify and create best practices right from your IDE or during code reviews. Maintain your flow and get instant access to all coding practices when you need them.

Turn your best practices into coding standards

Use practice reviews as your continuous learning engine. Share, co-validate, and commit to new coding practice, turning them into coding standards for your team.

Augment your development stack

Spread your best practices instantly everywhere code exists. Packmind empowers your Tech Lead to enforce standards ubiquitously, ensuring consistency and quality in every line of code.

Onboarding of new Devs on your standards

Reduce the time it takes for new developers to become familiar with your best coding practices. Leverage your knowledge base to create interactive learning challenges.

Raise the bar of your coding standards with Packmind AI

Repo scan

Never miss an opportunity to elevate your team. Packmind AI automatically scans your repo to identify good coding standards and problematic patterns. Discuss and share the most relevant topics with your team, based on the latest code changes.

Automate detection of your standards

Once you’ve discussed and validated your practice, you're set! Let Packmind AI take over the tedious work of automatically detecting these practices in your IDE or during PRs.

Drive coding assitants

Based on the line of code you're writing, Packmind sends notifications directly in your code editor if it detects non-compliance with best practices. You can then access the full description of the practice.

Governance at scale

The ultimate quality gate with Linters on steroïds and integration with Sonar

Align your teams with your company and product standards

A room for everyone (manage your team, their rights, accesses and their personal growth)