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Amplify < knowledge >
improve [engineering performance]

Accelerate your team skill growth and improve code quality by intelligently integrating the best coding practices directly within your familiar coding places and tailored to your unique context.

Trusted by tech leads in the world's leading tech companies

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[ The problem ]

Poor knowledge sharing & coding practices are productivity eaters

Discover the daily developers’ challenges Packmind helps to solve.

Technical debt

Variations in coding practices lead to inconsistent code base preventing shared code ownership and resulting in quality issues.

Tedious code reviews

Lack of standards and poor coding practices significantly increases code review time and rework.

Painful onboarding to the code base

When onboarding new developers and juniors, with no rules of the road, it takes a long time for them to become productive.

Knowledge silos, poor capitalization

The teams repeatedly fix problems that keep reoccurring and waste time looking for solutions that have already been implemented.

< The solution >

Elevate developers and code, one practice at a time.

With its IDE and code review plugins, Packmind brings knowledge and expertise directly to developers, exactly when and where they need it, transforming the way teams learn and code together.

Practice Reviews Engine

Boost team coding skills through practice reviews

Your central hub for sharing and learning best coding practices: Packmind streamlines developer learning by seamlessly identifying and integrating best practices tailored to the team-specific context. This approach cultivates a culture of continuous skill growth and shared knowledge.

IDE Plugin

(Kind of) Magically deploy your standards everywhere code exists

Your Accelerator for Code Quality and Velocity: Packmind’s IDE plugins revolutionize development workflows by instantly spreading your best coding practices among developers, significantly cutting tech debt and boosting team velocity. This intelligent approach ensures higher coding quality and speed, effectively addressing one of the main challenges in tech.

Repository Scanning

Raise the bar of your coding standard with AI

Packmind AI performs scans of your code repository to uncover new coding practices the team should apply, tailored to your specific context and, identify deviations from your coding standards. Promoting discussion, review, and commitment to these new coding practices allows your team to grow and increase delivery performance.

< The best features in town >

Elevate your team with Packmind’s magic

Empower your team to solve bigger problems with *Packmind AI*

Automatically identify good and bad coding practices on your last code changes

Keep flying with your favorite editor

Identify new practices while coding & get instant feedback based on your coding standards

Not yet another tool!

Packmind seamlessly brings knowledge into your workflow: IDE, CI, Code reviews, Slack, Teams and more

Amplify knowledge

Spread knowledge and mentor your team through coding practice reviews


Onboard junior and new developers 2x faster with onboarding workshops tailored to your coding practices

Are you a [packer] or a < minder > ?

Are you a [packer] or a < minder > ?


Supercharge your stack

Discover how Packmind can improve your development process and elevate your team skills to new heights.

They made their mind about us

My Tech Lead, who has over 20 years of experience, finds that using Packmind AI on a daily basis helps him to continuously learn and improve his coding skills.”

Deborah Caldeira

Deborah Caldeira

Senior Developer

In our transformation journey and adoption of clean architecture, Packmind has been paramount in upskilling our developers and spreading our coding practices. It has driven a 25% decrease in lead time and a 2x acceleration in onboarding time for our codebase.

Georges Louis

Georges Louis

Engineering manager

Packmind is both a tool and a collaborative process that truly impacts developers' teams and sanctifies knowledge sharing and continuous learning as a leading value. The "Software Craftsmanship" values are more and more trending in the software engineering and amplified by Packmind."

Stanislas Sorel

Stanislas Sorel

Technical Director

Prior to Packmind, team practices were kept, until forgotten, in everyone's mind. With practice review workshops, we now have a dedicated moment to suggest, discuss or even challenge new and past practices. This tool and the framework it brings was key to help each one of us to be heard further improving collaboration wihin the team.

Dimitri Koch

Dimitri Koch

Software architect

Proven to increase delivery performance


Increase in Tech Lead Productivity

Empower your tech leads with 15+ additional hours per week by scaling up knowledge sharing effectively


Decrease in Lead Time

Enhance code quality and reduce the need for costly rework, leading to productivity gains


Faster Onboarding

Accelerate the time-to-productivity for new developers, vendors, or when transitioning existing team members to new projects

Any question?

Find answers to common questions about Packmind, its usage, and its impact on team performance.

A coding practice refers to a set of guidelines or methods used by developers to write clearer, more efficient, and error-free code. These practices help maintain consistency and enhance code quality across a project, making the software easier to manage and update.

Yes, Packmind offers a comprehensive set of best coding practices based on principles of clean code, tailored for most programming languages. Our platform seamlessly integrates these practices directly into your workflow, ensuring that your codebase remains clean, efficient, and consistently aligned with industry standards.

Packmind supports all programming languages including Python, JavaScript, Java, Typescript, C#, C++, PHP, Ruby, Scala, Yaml, Terraform and more.

Yes, Packmind offers flexible deployment options to meet your organization's unique security and infrastructure needs. We provide both public cloud and on-premise (Kubernetes-ready) solutions, allowing you to choose the best fit for your company's requirements.

Packmind reduces technical debt by efficiently streamlining the creation of your team’s coding standards and integrating these coding practices directly into the development process. Our platform also ensures that code generation assistants are fully aligned with these standards, helping to prevent the accumulation of inconsistencies and errors in your codebase. This proactive approach significantly reduces the need for costly refactoring and rework, thereby minimizing technical debt over time.

Code review typically involves a manual inspection of written code by other developers to identify errors and suggest improvements; it often focuses on one-to-one feedback. In contrast, practice review, as facilitated by Packmind, extends beyond this by actively promoting and reinforcing coding standards and best practices across the entire team and throughout the coding process. This approach not only significantly accelerates developers’ skill growth but also enhances the quality and consistency of the code produced.

While linters such as ESLint or SonarLint focus on identifying and correcting predefined problematic patterns or errors in code, Packmind offers a more comprehensive solution. It helps to incrementally create and apply coding standards that are contextualized to your team, project, and organization. Packmind not only helps in fixing errors but also proactively suggests improvements and educates developers, thereby enhancing overall developer proficiency and code quality. Additionally, Packmind complements and integrates seamlessly with solutions like SonarLint and SonarQube.

Packmind complements AI coding assistants by focusing on the application and integration of your specific coding standards and best practices, while AI assistants like Copilot, Tabnine, or Codeium primarily suggest code completions based on vast code databases. Together, they provide a robust environment that enhances both the efficiency and quality of code development, allowing developers to write better code faster and with fewer errors.