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Cloud-native ready for Kubernetes

Number of users

Number of users using the platform and plug-ins

Up to 5

Up to 100


Number of coding practices*

Number of coding practices Number of coding practices created and identified

Up to 100



Discussions topics

Number of technical questions and topics that can be asked




Practice review Workshops

Regroup with your team regularly to review technical questions, define and update coding practices


Organize your coding practices by team, repo or anything you want with Spaces




Import practices from the Hub

You can import industry-expert-created coding practices directly into your own Spaces


Get insights and metrics on how teams share coding practices and get automated support from Packmind

Skill management

Analyze skills radar in your team and across teams to identify experts on technical domains

AI assistant

Let AI generate coding practices and discussion topics based on the latest code changes

Dev On-boarding

Create interactive workshops to help new developers discover and learn your coding standards

Admin & Security

SOC 2 Type II (ongoing)

Our commitment to your confidentiality, privacy, and security

Admin controls

Admins can manage users, spaces and security settings


Sync with IDP like Azure AD, ADFS, Google Workspace, Keycloak, SAML, Okta, OneLogin and more

Active Directory/OpenLDAP

Sync with your user directories in Microsoft Active Directory and OpenLDAP

Plugins & Integrations

IDE plugin

Create, explore, and identify coding practices in the IDE. Available for VS Code, Visual Studio, JetBrains IDEs, Eclipse

Code review plugin

Create, explore, and identify coding practices in your web browsers on GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps and Bitbucket

Packmind CLI

Detect missed coding practices locally or in your CI/CD process on your codebase

Git integration

Integrate with your code repositories and identify the coding practice to share in your latest code changes on GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps and Bitbucket



Training to help you make the most of Packmind



White Glove

Self-serve knowledge base

Explore our documentation, articles, and tutorials on everything you need to know

Online Slack community

Interact with and learn from other Packmind users and tech enthusiasts

Dedicated Slack channel

Direct engagement over Slack with your dedicated success team and the devs building Packmind

Dedicated success team

Experts dedicated to helping your team make the most of Packmind

Custom terms of service

Tailored agreements to serve your business needs

Any question?

Find answers to common questions about Packmind, its usage, and its impact on team performance.

Packmind is currently available in French and English.

Packmind is here to help the teams to share high level best coding practices to improve the skills of developers. Packmind has no limit in the set of practices that can be defined. Linters won't be able to identify most of them. Packmind is, therefore, complementary to these tools.

We support all programming languages.

Technical rituals are sometimes complex to organize and lead. Packmind supports these workshops to allow developers to daily identify discussion topics that will be addressed during the workshop retrospective.

Wikis are challenging to maintain and rarely the result of a collaborative team effort. The examples are often theoretical and difficult to apply in the context of the teams. With Packmind, the repository of practices evolves every week according to the topics discussed during development. The examples are taken directly from the source code on which the team is working. Moreover, the team built this repository, facilitating its application and making each person an actor.

Even if pair / mob programming sessions allow knowledge sharing, it is crucial to capitalize on the best practices implemented during these sessions by catching them within Packmind. If the team changes, onboarding will be more efficient. Packmind also allows sharing those practices with other teams.

We recommend organizing a 1-hour workshop at least once per month.
Getting started is fast, just create your account, get one of our plugins, and create your first best practices!
Packmind allows teams to build a repository of best practices, which can be used during code reviews, thanks to the Packmind code review plugin. During a code review, comments target a single team member and will be lost when the pull request will be closed. Packmind allows teams to capitalize on technical exchanges during Craft Workshops. A collective appropriation of practices will reduce the time spent during code reviews on these subjects.

Yes it's currently possible to export all the practices that you created in a JSON format.

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Are you a [packer] or a < minder > ?