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Supercharge your AI Coding Assistants with Packmind, not your tech debt

GenAI is revolutionizing developer productivity. However, AI coding assistants often lack the contextual understanding necessary to ensure alignment with your coding standards and code quality. Raise the bar of your coding assistants with Packmind!

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Investing in GenAI is a big decision. How can Packmind help you make the most of it?

Packmind continuously integrates your coding practices with your AI coding assistant to ensure that the code generated aligns to your context.

Boost team coding skills through practice reviews

From your IDE as you code or when reviewing a PR, you can instantly capture good or bad coding practices to share and discuss with your team.

This approach fosters a culture of continuous skill growth and shared knowledge.

(Kind of) Magically deploy your standards everywhere code exists

Once a coding practice has been validated by the team, Packmind magically deploys it as part of your standards everywhere code exists, providing real-time feedback to developers in the IDE, and guiding your AI coding assistant to new heights.

Imagine continuously capturing the expertise of your best engineers and turning it into a collective prompt feeding your AI coding assistants. This is it!

Integrate with your favorite coding assistant


Staff at Qonto

“Packmind is the bridge between the team knowledge and AI code assistant. It is important to be right the first time because the cost of rework is far greater than the gain of generating code faster.”

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