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🚀 Announcing New Github Copilot Integration

Packmind introduces groundbreaking new integration with Github Copilot: increasing developer productivity without compromising on code quality

[Boston, June 18th, 2024] — Today, Packmind, a pioneer in developer enablement, announces a new Github Copilot integration designed to supercharge AI coding assistants without compromising on code quality. This new integration bridges the gap between rapid code generation and adherence to organizations’ coding practices.

Transformative Technology for Modern Development

In an era where generative AI is transforming developer productivity, there remains a significant gap: AI coding assistants often lack the nuanced, contextual understanding needed to align with the coding standards of the teams. Packmind’s latest offering addresses this by seamlessly integrating established coding practices directly with Github Copilot, ensuring that the generated code not only accelerates development but also upholds quality and consistency.

A Commitment to Quality and Efficiency

At Packmind, we recognize that the integration of AI in development processes is a game changer, yet it introduces risks in maintaining code quality.” said Arthur Magne, CPO of Packmind. “Our platform ensures that teams not only move faster but also adhere to the highest standards of coding practices.

Testimonials from the Field

Bastien, staff engineer at Qonto “Packmind is the bridge between the team knowledge and AI coding assistant. It is crucial to get the code right the first time because the cost of rework far exceeds the benefits of faster code generation.”

About Packmind

Packmind is at the forefront of software development innovation, providing a platform that integrates best coding practices and team standards into everyday coding activities. Packmind not only improve the development process, it elevates software team skills to new heights.

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