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Wrapping up 2022

As we just wrapped up 2022, let’s take the time to reflect on what we shipped this past year.

This post spotlights some of the most significant product updates on Promyze, including automatic suggestions, in-depth integrations for IDEs and plugins for code reviews, and the community hub.

So you’re ready to take off? Buckle up.


Automatic suggestions of best practices

The more you share your expertise on Promyze, the cleaner and more secure your code.

In 2022, we shipped significant updates on automatic suggestions. Based on your shared knowledge, you can input regular expressions to allow the automatic detection of good or bad practices as you code. This helps to ship consistent, easy-to-maintain, and secure code.

The best part? It works right from your IDE and Git platform.

We also added a dedicated dashboard to manage your suggestions in a single place.

It helps you:

  • Get stats on the number of suggestions sent for each practice
  • Identify which practices have automatic suggestions
  • Toggle suggestions for a practice

In-depth IDE integrations and plugins

Promyze works with most IDEs, including Visual Studio, VS Code, JetBrains, and Eclipse, and Git platforms — GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, and Helix Swarm.

And we made Promyze more integrated into your workflows. As said above, you can now get automatic suggestions right in your code editor and when you review pull and merge requests.

You can still share expertise, and best coding practices, with your team and beyond.

Submit questions and topics from your IDE

You may have questions about a practice and would like to start a discussion on the topic with your team. It turns out Craft Workshops are a perfect place for that.

Now, you can submit a discussion topic or question about a line of code right from your IDE.

You’d like clarifications on a coding standard found in your code? You’ve got a question on a pattern or a specific line of code? You’re convinced a best practice isn’t applied, can’t really explicit or name it, and need another point of view? Share it on Promyze and you’ll review it during the next Workshop with your team.

Community Hub of best practices

We recently released the Hub, an open-source, resourceful place powered by the community where you can discover coding best practices. We feature practices from a wide set of domains — architecture, security, programming languages, green IT… These practices have been created from Promyze.

With the Hub, you can find inspiration and start building your own set of practices, export and import it into your Promyze. So these best practices become available for your team right away.

Discovery workshops to boost developers’ onboarding

When you welcome new recruits to your team, they must familiarize themselves with your codebase and best coding practices. We designed the Discovery Workshops to fuel this process.

The way it works is very simple. You select a list of best practices you want to include in your Discovery Workshop and ship it. Then, each new onboarded developer will have to identify in the source code of the Workshop where the linked best practices have been followed or not. It’s an efficient way to rate how these developers understand your current best practices.

If they didn’t find the practice location in the code, it’s a great opportunity to provide support and explanations to ensure everything is clear for them.

Want to see it in action?

Wrapping up 2022

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