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4 reasons to use Packmind

This post outlines four reasons to use Packmind, a tool designed to help engineering teams share and leverage expertise.


These reasons include improving engineers’ skills, reducing the mental load of sharing knowledge, sharing best coding practices at scale, and making the company shine. The tool provides integrated onboarding mechanisms, features for creating best practices during code reviews, and mechanisms for sharing best coding practices for various domains. Additionally, best coding practices can be shared publicly on Packmind’s Hub or during webinars and blog posts.

Four reasons to use Packmind to share your best coding practices

1. Improve your engineers’ skills to leverage software quality

Packmind provides an efficient and lightweight solution to capitalize on your team’s expertise and share them among all engineers in the organization. It could be seen as a “Standard Factory” to continuously shape your standards for the benefit of skills sharing across engineers. Packmind reduces the time-to-productivity for new hires with integrated onboarding mechanisms that boost the learning of standards and best coding practices established by your teams. Packmind provides features to gather best practices during code reviews and raises discussion topics to be discussed with the whole team. This moves discussions about standards from 1:1 discussions to a dedicated collective workshop to establish them. Thus, we reduce bottlenecks and latency, improving the overall change lead time. Each bug whose root cause is linked to a source code issue can be reflected in Packmind, with a best coding practice to avoid that is accessible to all engineers, helping to learn from mistakes collectively. Then, counter-measures can be implemented in Packmind to reduce the likelihood these bugs would happen again. The Dantotsu/PDCA concepts have inspired this philosophy.

2. Reduce the mental load of sharing best coding practices

Packmind has been designed for developers to help them create, share and reuse best coding practices in their daily tools (IDE and code reviews tools) to ensure knowledge sharing won’t be felt as a burden. Packmind integrates native mechanisms to reach these 3 goals and sustain them in the team’s habits. Thus, engineers can stay focused on their work while leveraging their expertise with others.

3. Share best coding practices at scale on your target topics

Packmind allows sharing best coding practices for various domains, including programming languages, frameworks, architecture, performance, accessibility, or green IT. Thus, it can leverage the knowledge of a group of experts to make valuable best coding practices available to anyone in the organization. With Packmind, you can prioritize the domains you want to address.

4. Make your company shine with best coding practices

Best coding practices created by your engineers aren’t intended only to be kept internally. Indeed, there exist different ways to value this expertise outside your company, including:

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