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Themis became Promyze !

When we started the start-up in 2016, we had a lot of ideas in mind (and we still do today!) and had to draw the outlines of our project. Designing a tool to help development teams continuously improve the quality of their code was a major challenge, which we have always sought to meet. We were trying to understand why there were so many projects with a strong technical debt, 5,000-line files without any unit test, 400-line methods,… and above all, how did we get to this point? It was a complex question, but one that we felt deserved to be asked in order to identify the roots of the problem.

The name Themis, borrowed from the Greek goddess of justice, seemed to us to be a good metaphor to symbolise our approach. The idea was based on the observation that many companies, in order to evaluate the quality of a code, took a “photo” of the code at the time of delivery (via a static analysis, for example). The analysis alone of the result through the generated indicators omitted the whole context of the project, the way in which the team had been able to work for months, and the vision that the stakeholders of a project could have on the subject of quality could easily be distorted (especially if we stick to a calculation of the start/end of project delta). The angle we propose with Themis, which facilitates the daily monitoring of quality in an agile and positive approach, brings more transparency and therefore a fairer view for all the stakeholders in a project.

The beginning of an adventure like ours is synonymous with ambition and the will to innovate. It is a crucial and fundamental phase for any start-up and it is the time to confront our ideas with the market and to imagine solutions to the problems encountered by our prospects and customers. As this confrontation took place and Themis was put into concrete situations, user feedback has confirmed our willingness to continue our efforts on this product. In order to meet the new challenges, we questioned ourselves on the prospect of designing several products, of which Themis would be the heart. But it seemed more sensible to us to build a single platform enriched with new functionalities, which is why our R&D investments have been dedicated to our tool for the past 4 years.

The Themis tool is still today the best ambassador of the human values we carry at Promyze. It therefore seemed logical and obvious to us to unify the name of our start-up with the name of our product. This decision is in line with our vision today: to make Promyze a recognised solution in the field of software quality and the dissemination of good development practices.

With the recent release of our SaaS version, and the upcoming new features that we are preparing for you, we will clearly continue to improve and evolve the product, to provide answers to the needs of our users. This is our guideline for the coming months, and this name change symbolises our desire to move forward together. Above all, before being developers at the origin of a software, we are the founders of a project that today brings together 7 employees with whom we are building the future of Promyze, and it is this flame that drives us forward every day.