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🎉 Welcome to a New Chapter: Introducing Packmind

We’re beyond excited to announce a new era for our company – Packmind. This isn’t just a rebrand; it’s the evolution of our journey, inspired and shaped by our community. Software is a team sport where knowledge is the limit. And as we transition from Promyze to Packmind, we’re pushing the limit to amplify knowledge, elevate development teams and code. And with this major rebrand come 2 big product announcements 💥.

What’s New with Packmind?

Packmind AI, Now for Everyone: Harness the power of AI to identify and refine your coding practices. Connect your repo and let Packmind AI unveil the good and bad practices on your code changes, guiding your team towards excellence. And it’s not just about identifying – Packmind AI integrates your best practices directly into your IDE, making improvement an ongoing journey. As Deborah Caldeira says, My Tech Lead, who has over 20 years of experience, finds that using Packmind AI on a daily basis helps him to continuously learn and improve his coding skills.”  

A UX Revolution, Crafted by You: We listened, we learned, and we transformed. The complete UX redesign of Packmind is more than an update; it’s a reimagining of your interaction with the product, shaped by your invaluable feedback. Stay tuned for even more enhancements in the coming weeks. 

Our journey has been nothing short of remarkable, fueled by your insights and our shared mission. This rebranding and product announcement is just the start – there’s so much more in store for Q1 and Q2. We’re eager to share the exciting developments we have ‘in the oven.’ So, buckle up and get ready for the journey ahead with Packmind! 🚀