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22 tools to compute DORA metrics

Have you already heard about the DORA metrics? Through 7 years of research, the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team has identified four key metrics that indicate the performance of a software development team. Their definition comes from the DORA website:

Deployment Frequency—How often an organization successfully releases to production.
Lead Time for Changes—The amount of time it takes a commit to get into production.
Change Failure Rate—The percentage of deployments causing a failure in production
Time to Restore Service—How long it takes an organization to recover from a failure in production

How to compute the DORA metrics?

There’s already tons of Web content that gives more insights on the DORA metrics, and this post won’t have much more value in explaining those concepts again. One thing we often heard from customers was: “These metrics look great, but how do we compute them?”. Each organization might have its specificities, but if you’re looking for existing solutions that help compute these metrics, here is a list of 22 software platforms. We’re not going into details; consider this post as an entry point for your research.
As far as we know, all these tools follow a data aggregation model from your existing tools (CI/CD platforms, code repositories, issues tracking, …) and compute metrics from that.
At Promyze, we’re actively working on metrics that can address the learning & knowledge-sharing culture of engineering teams. That’s a capability found by DORA. We’ll talk about it in a later post 😉

#1 Oobeya

Website here.
Oobeya dora metrics

#2 Swarmia

Website here.

#3 Linearb

Website here.


Website here.
Dora Metrics
#5 Plandek
Website here .

#6 Sleuth

Website here. Graphic (1).svg

#7 Insightly

Website here.
Insightly dora metrics

#8 Haystack

Website here. (2).png

#9 Pluralsight

Website here.
Pluralsight dora metrics

#10 Pulse

Website here.

#11 Propelo

Website here.

#12 CodeFresh

Website here.

#13 LeanIX

Website here.

#14 Jellyfish

Website here.

#15 Keypup

Website here. metrics.png

#16 Waydev

Website here.
Waydev dora metrics

#17 Hatica

Website here.

#18 Klera

Website here.

#19 Harness

Website here.

#20 CTO.AI

Website here.

#21 Opsera

Website here.

#22 Echoes HQ

Website here.