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Don’t keep your code review comments for you

During a code review, you formulate comments that can address various topics:

  • readability
  • design & architecture
  • performance
  • framework or language usage

These explanations are insightful, but in most cases, they’ll only be read by the submitter of the review. Once the review is over (and the Pull/Merge Request is closed), it’s very seldom to retake a look at it afterward, and there’s no capitalization on its knowledge.

However, most of your comments could be interesting for the other developers in the team and even for developers in other teams, with whom you may have no technical interactions daily. Also, it may not be the first time you formulate this comment, perhaps you already did on previous code reviews. Studies on code reviews reveals that reviewers feels tired due to repetitions effects.

That’s why at Packmind, we designed web browser plugins integrated with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and Azure DevOps, that allow you, when you write down a comment, to create a best practice and share it with your team.

Your best practice will be sent to Packmind, reviewed by all your team, and then you’ll easily reuse it during a code review thanks, to our plugins.

Also, other teams from your organization will have access to this best practice, and will be free to apply it in their context.

With Packmind, connect your developers’ knowledge.