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What’s new in v4.11.0

We just released a new update for Promyze.

💡 Introducing Skills

A skill is a domain of knowledge that can be linked to existing and new best practices you’ll create with Promyze. Users earn points when they contribute to a best practice associated with a skill. This feature intends to:

  • Highlight your current skills the ones you want to address in the future;
  • Get an overview of who have the highest score in a specific domain of knowledge so that they can be identified as experts in your organization;
  • Introduce a new gamification system in Promyze;

>>> Discover more on skills here.

💬 Share your best coding practices in Slack, MS Teams, Mattermost and Discord

You can now get notifications from Promyze directly in Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mattermost and Discord. In this release, you’ll be notified when users perform the following actions:

  • A positive or negative example has been identified on a best practice;
  • A correction to a negative example has been suggested;
  • A question/discussion topic has been raised;
  • A battle has been started.

>>> Discover how to set up notifications here.

Get the latest version:

					docker pull promyze/promyze:4.11.0